Our products

Crème & Nr.1

The highest quality textiles that are also very fashionable are considered to be creme and Nr. 1.

These products are packed with high-end FIBC bags to preserve their quality.



Subsequently, two so-called export qualities are created that ensure sustainable quality together with competitive prices aimed for emerging markets:

         Nr. 2, A quality clothing and shoes
         Nr. 3, B quality clothing and shoes

Recycling Materials

Textiles that have reached the end of their life-cycle and are not reusable again, are considered to be recycling materials.

These recycling materials can be subdivided in 9 kinds of wipers, used for cleaning and other purposes, and 7 kinds of different raw materials for pure recycling.

Erdotex Group supplies these textiles to other companies,where they are processed into raw materials for the  production of rags and isolation materials,for example.


       Retro and vintage clothing

We are sorting retro, vintage and nostalgic clothes to satisfy every customer that is in love with this fashion. Fashion design, throughout history has turned to previous eras for inspiration. Vintage clothing retains and increases in value due to the fact that it is genuinely from a past era.

In addition, authentic garments are made one at a time, with enough attention to detail to create an item that has long lasting value. The terms “retro fashion” and “vintage fashion” are sometimes used interchangeably and therefore can cause confusion as to what is really meant.