Municipal Collection

Municipal Collection Systems

Erdotex Group specializes in well-managed textile collection systems for municipalities. With our experiences and expertise, the aim is to maximize textile collection by minimizing textiles ending up in the regular waste infrastructure. Together with our software solutions and even sensors from MangoStone, dynamic routing is used to minimize CO2 output during collection by optimizing routing and saving up to 40% of kilometers driven. Additionally, with these systems, full transparency and data can be shared in regards to the collection, in order to be able to share the right information with citizens and municipal policymakers. Moreover, this data can be combined with sorting data from our EPS systems to generate full traceability throughout the supply chain.

Municipal collections can be realized through placing preferred containers, which are most often emptied manually in order to identify non-textile waste as early in the process as possible. This manner of collection has proven to create the best possible quality for processing. However, Erdotex Group can also support container collection with crane trucks for non-manual collection. Lastly, door-to-door collections can be performed to maximize the textile collection within your municipality.

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Collaborations with numerous municipalities over multiple countries

Collecting from thousands of containers at any moment in time

Collecting from thousands of households for curbside collections every year

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