Public and Privat Collection Points

Textile Collection made accessible

Privately or publicly operating organizations such as supermarkets, other non-fashion retail, schools, charities or (sports-)associations are unimaginable nowadays without a textile collection point. Erdotex Group, through its subsidiaries specialized in collection, offers textile collection solutions for such organizations. These collection points can incentivize consumers, members, students or stakeholders to act sustainably by depositing their used textiles and shoes at these locations instead of general waste bins. In turn, reward systems can be put in place. The revenues generated by textile collection be used to reward stakeholders or to invest in other needs of the organization.

Together with our software solutions from MangoStone, dynamic routing is used to minimize CO2 output during collection by optimizing routing and saving up to 40% of kilometers driven. Additionally, combining MangoStone with our EPS sorting software, full transparency and data can be shared in regards to the collection and sortation, in order to be able to share information with stakeholders about the sustainability efforts.

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Collaborations with dozens of organizations over numerous countries

Thousand+ tons collected through privately held collection points yearly

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