The Process


Revaluing textiles is a comprehensive and complicated process that needs to satisfy its shareholders as well as its stakeholders. The process starts with unloading the raw material sourced by our renowned suppliers. The unloading can be performed manually or with automated tilting solutions. Hereafter, the raw, unsorted textiles are either stocked or enter the sorting process immediately.


The second step in the process is pre-sorting. During this step, non-textiles are removed, and the materials are being sorted by type. Basically, this means that for example jackets are being put together, t-shirts, sweaters and so on. Close to 50 different categories are created at this step of the process from the raw material.

Fine Sorting

After the Pre-Sorting step, the material is transported to different Fine Sorting stations, where it is sorted again based on quality. The training, expertise and years of experience of our team comes to play here, sorting the goods based on the frequently changing demand of the second-hand market. It is during this step that we focus on ensuring continuous and effective sorting quality.


When the sorting processes are finished, the finished products need to be packed in order to be transported to the customers. Multiple packaging methods are used, based on the quality of the goods and customer demand. In general, all packaging methods can be compiled in three options: non-pressed woven bags, small pressed bales and large pressed bales. All bags and bales are labelled with the help of our customs EPS software system.


The labelled bags and bales are stocked in the warehouse until a full container or truck load is ready to be transported to our customer. Erdotex Group works only with full truck loads with its customers. The custom EPS system is used for maintaining and following orders and stock, tracking all of our products and thus providing transparency for all our stakeholders. The loading itself is done with the help of loading docks and forklifts, as the products are too heavy to load manually.