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With the Extended Producers Responsibility for textiles coming to various regions, taking action on the end-of-life phase of once sold products is becoming a must for fashion brands and retailers. Especially as it is regarded as crucial step to transition to a circular industry of the future. Being able to offer consumers the service of returning their used garments can benefit brand identity and awareness for the better in regards to sustainability.

Additionally, setting up so-called take back systems can create the ability to share data with stakeholders about your sustainability efforts, textile collection, sortation and recycling which can in turn satisfy EPR needs. Together with the Erdotex Group, these systems can be set-up multi-channel, meaning that the collection itself can be realized either online or offline, with custom made collection points in-store, fitting in perfectly with your retail concept.

To close the loop, tons of discarded items must be processed after being collected. Erdotex Group operates a network of multiple sorting facilities over multiple countries to assure proper sortation of the collected products. With the collaboration of both the MangoStone and EPS systems, all textiles can be fully traced throughout collection, sortation and the final destination for either recycling or reuse. With both manual and automated sorting capabilities, preferred recyclers and second-hand outlets can be supplied from the sorting facilities.

For damaged high-value products, Erdotex Group operates its repair workshops where items can be both repaired but also redesigned into different products in order to give sustainability an unique touch.

Customized B2B solutions for fashion brands and retailers is one of the core businesses within the subsidiaries of the Erdotex Group. Apart from post-consumer textiles and shoes, we can also process pre-consumer materials for direct recycling. Both material flows can be included to create an effective and transparent system of collection, sortation and reuse/recycling.

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