350 employees

with broad expertise

Over 30 years

of experience

45,000 tons

raw material processed yearly


15,000+ tonnes

of CO2 reduction yearly*

About Erdotex

Erdotex Group has over 30 years of experience in sorting and collecting used textiles over multiple facilities and hubs.

With flexibility, attention to detail, and efficiency, we are able to offer a wide range of end products with continuous sorting quality. These carefully sorted streams are distributed around the globe, resulting in longer lifecycles for textiles and a more sustainable earth.

Erdotex Group within the supply chain of post-consumer textiles

The supply chain of post-consumer textiles exists of three main phases. All materials must first be collected, sorted and lastly reused or recycled.

Collection of post-consumer textiles is performed with multiple methods. The largest different methods are municipal collection, collection at (fashion) retail or privately held collection points. Below are the subsidiaries of the Erdotex Group that specialize in collection.
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After collection, the materials are centralized and transported to one of our sorting facilities. During this sorting process, up to 400 different end products are created for reuse or recycling. The sorting is oriented towards maximizing the life cycle of every garment as efficiently as possible. Below are the subsidiaries of the Erdotex Group that specialize in sorting.
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Reuse & Recycling
Lastly, after sorting, the textiles are either marketed for reuse to consumers or transported to recyclers for treatment within our extensive network. In terms of recycling, circular solutions are maximized to close the loop with as much fiber types as currently possible. After this step, the chain starts again from the top.
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Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Erdotex Group consolidates our organizations, all with the same purpose of creating circularity within the post-consumer textile value chain.

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