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Erdotex has almost 30 years of experience in sorting and revaluing used textiles. Founded in a small warehouse in Fijnaart, the Netherlands, the company moved to Montfoort first, Rotterdam second and are currently located in Ridderkerk.

In 2008, our sister company NEMO opened its doors in Antwerp, Belgium. Today, the Erdotex family is more than 150 members strong and active in over 30 countries around the world. Whilst growing, we have remained a family-owned business with a passionate team guided by our core values.

In 2020, Erdotex has moved to a new sorting facility located in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. This facility is being built with one key feature in mind: automation. All key processes, except for the sorting process itself, will be automated as much as currently possible, enabling Erdotex to increase its efficiency even more towards the future.

With our flexibility and efficiency, we are able to offer a wide range of end products that stay close to our core business. Partly due to strong and long-term collaborations with our suppliers, as well as our customers, Erdotex Group has grown to be one of the most influential players in the revaluing textile sector.

Core Values

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Significant contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint of our planet is one of the key values of the Erdotex Group. As the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, increasing the life cycle of textiles helps to counter this. By sorting the textiles and preventing them from being burned, Erdotex helps to prevent the CO2 emissions equivalent to those of a nearly 6 hours flight on a Boeing 747 aircraft, every day!

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Welfare & Social Responsibility

Apart from our suppliers and customers, a very important group of stakeholders are our numerous colleagues that work hard every day to sustain the levels of quality we aim for. Bringing employment and welfare in the areas we operate in is a precondition for us to do business.

Continuous Sorting

To ensure that our products uphold the quality we aim for, it is key to ensure a continuous sorting process. By training our colleagues intensively and continuously monitoring the sorting process using our custom-made software, Erdotex intents a trustworthy, continuous, quality level for every product stream.
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Customer Satisfaction

Aiming to deliver not only the best sorting quality, but also the highest service to our customers is a core value of Erdotex Group. From fast and clear responses to support and advice in terms of freight. We are happy to cooperate in every step of the process.


Erdotex Group works with the KIWA certification. This certificate is managed by the VHT, the Dutch association for textile recycling. Certified organisations distinguish themselves on the subject of transparency and durability.

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