Waste of today, Raw Material of tomorrow.

To create a fully circular textile industry has been the leading mission of the Erdotex Group. To fulfill this mission, we follow the waste hierarchy by always maximizing reuse possibilities and choosing the most circular recycling options for garments and shoes not fit for reuse. These recycling methods must ensure that the textiles can be exploited as raw materials for new textiles to come. Through this philosophy, we aim to maximize the life cycle of every piece passing through our facilities. Today, our operations are more crucial than ever before as textiles are more and more being made for shorter life spans and fashion trends are constantly changing faster and faster. This makes the fashion industry the second most polluting industry in the world. With our operations, Erdotex Group saves over 15,000 tons of CO2 output each year, based on the CE Delft report. By continuously investing in our sorting processes and applying composition sorting technology, Erdotex aims to supply textile-to-textile recyclers high quality feedstock. By doing this, the worldwide demand for landfill , consumption of energy, water and dyes are reduced significantly. Moreover, the Erdotex Ridderkerk facility generates a large portion of her energy needs by solar power and heat pumps to make our operation more environmentally friendly.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

Sustainability is not exclusively bound to the environment. Erdotex Group enables hundreds of career opportunities throughout all its activities. These men and women are the foundation of our operations. With that in mind, policies are in place to focus on employee health and safety and to ensure a positive and welcoming working environment for all. Besides, through our collection activities, Erdotex Group creates multiple job opportunities for people with a distance to the labor market and supports dozens of charities financially, including the Dutch Heart and Kidney foundations, supporting scientific research in both fields.

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